Redemption, via Pink Floyd

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was on The Daily Show with Stewart, and I asked eldest daughter if she knew who he was.

No clue.

I sang a little bit, and she cringed.

Stewart, being the same age as me, probably had The Wall as the soundtrack for grade 12.

But it shows how people can change (near the end of the clip).

  • lifeinorange


    Hi. What about the Floyds, “Umaguma” album, and the composition: “Seven small species of furry little animals living together in a cave, and grooving with a pick” ? Have you heard that one ? I saw the Floyd (as they like to be referred as) at Olympic stadium in Montreal Quebec, July 1976 after the Montreal summer games that summer, and four more times since, including the Wall concert in New York City in February 1980. I have a great idea Doug, introduce your daughter to the music of Pat Metheny, this is classic jazz at it’s best. Take care for now.