Duh: Consumers finally figure out organic is an excuse to charge more


The first time I went to Amy’s house, I didn’t ask where the bedroom was, I looked in her fridge. If you invite me over I’ll do the same thing.

She had some organic lettuce mix (and this was in 2005 before the tragic 2006 outbreak on transitional organic spinach that killed at least vomit.toiletfour and sickened 200.

I asked her why she had that shit.

She said she thought it was healthier.

So do most people.

And that‘s why microbial food safety should be marketed at retail so consumers can choose.

But it seems other Americans are figuring this out for themselves.

More than half of Americans think an organic label is just an excuse to charge higher prices even though more people are concerned about the environment, according to a new Harris Poll.

The March survey found that 59 percent of respondents thought the organic label was just a business strategy. Men were the most skeptical, with 63 percent agreeing with the statement versus 54 percent of women.

The poll also found that although 38 percent of people are worried about the state of the environment (up from 31 percent last year), only 3 out of 10 people are willing to pay more for green products. Americans were divided on how easy it was to be green, with 49 percent saying it was “difficult” and 47 percent saying it was “easy.”