Is US lifting its ban on Italian cured meats?

The U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services announced Friday that the long-standing FDA ban on the import of Italian cured meats will be lifted starting May 28, and presumably the flood of piemonte_bresaolasalami, bresaola and pancetta will start washing into U.S. markets and restaurants not long thereafter.

According to the Italian wire service ANSA and the L.A. Times, the FDA lifted its absolute ban on Italian raw, cured meat products in 1989, when prosciuttos from Parma and San Daniele were allowed back into the United States after a 22-year absence, and the rules since then have generally allowed the import of hams and salamis from plants large enough to follow USDA regulations and to bear the expense of full-time, onsite USDA inspectors. There is a huge array of Italian cured meats, many of them crafted by small, artisanal producers, that have never been available in the U.S.