Agencies investigating gastroenteritis outbreak in Maryland

The Harford County Health Department and the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene are investigating an outbreak of stomach issues, a spokesman said Sunday night.

“I can confirm a collaborative investigation between ourselves and the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene of what we believe at this time to be a restaurant-vomit.toiletassociated outbreak of gastroenteritis,” said Harford County Health Department spokesman William Wiseman. “However, pending lab results we expect back this week and our ongoing investigation, more specifics regarding the outbreak are currently unknown.”

Wiseman, in an email, said the organizations “are aware of an increase of gastroenteritis statewide.”

  • paul

    The worst pain I could ever imagine, it feels like someone keeps punching me in the stomach over and over again, if I’m not on the toilet with diahrea then I’m on my hands and knees throwing up, but its not normal puke I’m dry heaving from not even having anything in my stomach, I can’t keep Anything down even water. Very very bad experience..