Teach children to spot spoiled food?

In the same way that dying cancer patients in the UK are being held responsible for telling their doctors to wash their damn hands, Malaysian schoolchildren are being told they are the critical-controlpoint for school meals.

Sharvin A. Subramaniam told The Star Online, “It is also important

roti canai, school lunch, kuala lumpur, malaysia

roti canai, school lunch, kuala lumpur, malaysia

for parents and teachers to learn and teach students on food safety, especially on how to spot spoiled food that may cause food poisoning. This includes using your senses (sight, smell and taste) to determine whether the food is still good to be eaten.

“We should avoid food that has a slimy appearance, foul smell or tastes stale. These simple steps are easy to practise and must be taught to students.”

And often entirely useless.

  • Karen

    I think it is a great idea. Not everyone has a sensitivity to smells that might give a clue to spoilage and not all genders in past decades were taught home skills which included food safety.
    I do think thought needs to be given to the manner in which these skills are taught though. Generally,kids start out being kind of finicky about food,so we do not want to create a decade of phobic eaters.