1 dead, 3 sick, 2016 Indiana restaurant: It was the C. perfringens in mystery food (probably sitting on the counter for far too long)

When people die from stupid food safety mistakes, are the rest of restaurant goers supposed to just pass it off, like industry, government and academic associations, or should the families be pissed?

Katie Cox of The Indy Channel writes that Indiana State Department of Health says it is “highly likely” that food from a West Lafayette restaurant was the cause of a man’s death last October.

The health department began their investigation into the Agave Azul on Sagamore Parkway after four people reported becoming sick shortly after eating at the restaurant on October 22, 2016. The four had eaten dishes containing beef, pork or chicken.

One of those four, Alexander Zdravich, 66, was hospitalized because of the severity of his illness. Despite aggressive medical treatment, the health department said Zdravich died on October 26.

  • JR Zdravich

    I am in the family, and I can assure you we are PISSED!!!! We are also devastated and grieving. Alex was in excellent health — took very good care of himself. Exercised regularly, and kept his weight down. He and his wife were just beginning their retirement together, and had a very good life carved out for themselves. Now she is left with having to start over and we are all left with a gaping hole in our lives. We are especially angry by the fact that the restaurant is still open. And since we lost Alex the restaurant has had several critical violations when inspections took place. There are no telling how many people got sick from eating there that day — some people probably thought they had a touch of the flu and just rode out the symptoms at home. We know of other people that got sick that day — one woman went to the ER for her symptoms. These other cases were not reported in the news. Alex’s wife was also hospitalized. This did not have to happen — we did not have to lose Alex and should not be going through this nightmare right now.