Saskatchewan crypto outbreak folks settle additional cases 15 years later

Make people sick, expect to pay; even after over a decade.

According to CBC, the city of North Battleford, the Saskatchewan government and the water folks have $3.3 million for minors who were ill in 2001.

A settlement agreement for minors who had water contaminated with cryptosporidium in North Battleford, Sask., 15 years ago has been given preliminary

Thousands of people got sick in March and April 2001 when the parasite, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting, was found in the city’s drinking water.

In 2003, 700 people were paid compensation from a pool of $3.2 million depending how sick they had been.

The newest settlement applies to those in an “infant class”, people who were under 18 when they got sick. The agreement still needs final approval from the courts on Dec. 1.

24 sick: crypto outbreak in Wisconsin linked to ‘recreation water’

Four new North Shore cases bring the total number of confirmed Crypto illnesses in Whitefish Bay, Fox Point and Bayside to 12, in addition to 12 probable cases in which symptoms subsided before they were diagnosed.

Jamie Berg of the North Shore Health Department said the investigation has been definitively narrowed to a pool, lake or river. None of the illnesses has required caddyshack.pool.poop-1hospitalization.

Several area pools have closed as a precautionary measure.