I feel much better: Egyptian strawberries in UAE are free of Hepatitis A

According to The National (the UAE paper, not the band) Egyptian strawberries are all good. I’d like to see some sort of data or specifics (like how many samples, how they sampled).

Frozen Egyptian strawberries are free from Hepatitis A, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has confirmed. frozen-strawberry

The issue came up last month when the US Food and Drug Administration reported an outbreak of Hepatitis A from Egyptian strawberries in the US. 

The ministry tightened control on frozen strawberries imported from Egypt to prevent any contaminated products that pose a risk to consumers entering the country.

Authorities also collected samples of seven different brands of frozen Egyptian strawberries in UAE markets to conduct laboratory tests.

All clear. Except testing a few batches and not finding hep A has it’s limitations.