US food industry groups say they’ll label GMOs on their terms

I told food-industry types back in the mid-1990s to figure out a way to label – which is short-form for provide information at retail — genetically engineered foods, or others would do it for you (all food is genetically modified so all food would be labeled using GMO language).

ben-cornThey told me I was crazy.

We went ahead and did it at a retail market in 2000, and most shoppers didn’t care; but big retailers wouldn’t touch it.

Now, the U.S. Grocery Manufacturers Association and other food industry groups are, according to NPR, announced Thursday that it supports labeling — sort of.

It’s a mish-mash proposal of nonsense that I won’t go into because it has nothing to do with food safety and, as usual, when private outfits – the ones that profit – can’t figure things out and show leadership, they ask for government help.

The Pinto defense – we meet government standards.

Stop fingering burgers, use a thermometer, avoid spreading bugs and sprouts

Spot the cross-contamination: Emeril on Good Morning America this morning, which is broadcast the next day in Australia at 3:30 a.m.; even used raw sprouts.

The video is at

But I can’t get it in Australia. Maybe Chapman will embed it.

This version works, poorly.

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