Les Bubbles kitchen in Brisbane ça craint

A customer dobbed (that’s Australian for, to inform against someone) a popular Brisbane restaurant Les Bubbles to food safety authorities after a rat scurried past her during the dinner rush, a court has been told.

Melanie Petrinec of the Courier Mail reports embattled restaurateur Damian Griffiths was today fined $3000 and company Limes Properties Pty Ltd was fined $30,000 after pleading guilty to breaches of food standards.

Griffiths was overseas when the case was mentioned in the Brisbane Magistrates Court last week, and did not appear in person.

Instead, his lawyer made submissions in writing to the court to say Griffiths was “simply unaware of what was going on” at his former restaurant when the rat was discovered in October, 2016.

Les Bubbles is now under new management and a spokesperson says all checks and pest inspections were now up to date.

Brisbane City Council prosecutor Andrea Lopez said it was irrelevant if he was aware or not, and revealed it was a customer who raised the alarm with authorities.

“A live rodent during a busy dinner rush has actually run across the room in the restaurant,” she said.

“The rodent has been quite comfortable in the food business.”

Subsequently, food safety inspectors claimed to find dirty equipment and rodent droppings in multiple areas including under the kitchen bench, under a downstairs bar and near the dishwashing area.

Ms Lopez said the rat droppings indicated “quite a large presence of rodent activity”.

Everyone has a camera Toronto bakery edition: ‘Disgusting’ video shows mice feeding on pastry

CTV News reports the pastries in the window of a downtown Toronto confection shop were supposed to lure hungry humans, but they ended up attracting mice.

Mohammad Valipour captured the ravenous rodents on video as they nibbled on a tray of baklava visible through a window inside Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar.

He told CTV Toronto he believes he could also see feces around the trays. “It was disgusting,” Valipour said.

Co-owner Julie Kyriakaki says the building has a rodent problem but is adamant that none of the pastries that sit out for display are served to the public.

Kyriakaki showed off drawers full of desserts under the countertop that she says she and her staff use to keep the food safe from pests.

“Even if I didn’t have food here, the mice could still be on the window, because they go everywhere” she said. She also showed off mousetraps inside the store.

Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar displays a green DineSafe sign in its window, indicating that it has met food safety standards outlined in the Ontario Food Premises Regulation and municipal by-laws. The sign shows the business was last inspected on Feb. 6, 2017.

The bakery has passed four inspections, the first in November 2015, according to online DineSafe records. It received two infractions in that time, one for failing to ensure the presence of someone who holds a valid food handler’s certificate and another for not having a test substance for ensuring utensils are properly sterilized.

The sweet shop, which is rated 4.5 out of five on the website TripAdvisor, is one of several food kiosks housed inside the Queen Live Fresh Food Market on Queen Street West.

Everyone’s got a camera: Mice run around Melbourne McDonald’s edition

Sophie Smith of the Herald Sun reports two videos showing rodents flitting freely around a busy McDonald’s restaurant in Melbourne’s inner-north have emerged.

mice1A disgusted customer, Firoozeh, claims she and friends saw several mice around a McCafe service area of the Collingwood restaurant at midnight on Boxing Day.

Footage uploaded to social media appears to show at least two vermin scampering along the floor between a service counter and a back bench with sink. Another shows one ducking in and out near a stool.

In another video, uploaded to Facebook by Todd Gilbey on December 2, mice scatter along the floor — and one even grabs a chip.

Firoozeh said there were “lots” of mice.

“It wasn’t like three or four mice,” Firoozeh said.

“We watched them for a while; they were coming in and out.

“There were so many and the guy was just coming and scaring them and telling us that, ‘You cannot take video’, because I asked to see the duty manager.”

Firoozeh, who asked the Herald Sun not to publish her surname, said the duty manager at the 24-hour eatery on the corner of Smith St and Victoria Parade became angered when she and her friends raised their concerns.

“He was aggressively stopping me from taking pictures and photos,” she said.

“I’ve never seen such a dirty McDonald’s.

“No-one is cleaning it and it’s supposed to be open for 24 hours. What’s going on?

“I don’t think it’s healthy at all. They were running around and no-one was doing anything.

“Children eat food there.”

UK McDonald’s forced to close after staff find dead mice

Josh Parry and Tyler Mears of the Mirror report a McDonald’s restaurant in Liverpool was forced to close this week after staff found dead mice at the branch.

mcdonaldsBosses confirmed the restaurant was closed for a “short period” after evidence of mice was discovered at the fast food joint.

They said the eaterie in Walton Road has taken steps to address the issue after they called in pest control.

They also insisted there was “no concern regarding food safety” and apologised for the temporary closure of the store.

Edmunds Fine Dining fined £5,300 for mice infestation

The company behind Edmunds Fine Dining has been fined £5,300 after a mouse infestation was discovered by health inspectors at its Brindleyplace premises.

Edmunds Fine DiningParent firm Casamou Ltd admitted nine breaches of food safety regulations at Birmingham magistrates.

Nicola Lea, prosecuting for the city council, said the restaurant now has a five-star hygiene rating.

But it was served with an emergency prohibition notice in January 2015 which had forced it to close for one day.

Ms Lea said environmental health officers had visited the restaurant on January 20 last year after receiving a complaint.

Officers found mouse droppings throughout the premises, a lack of effective cleaning and no evidence of a food safety management plan.

They also discovered out of date milk and cream in the fridges.

She added: “Officers served the notice on January 20 and returned to carry out a follow-up inspection on January 21 and the premises was allowed to reopen.

“There was a subsequent inspection in March 2015 and they now have a five-star rating.”

She added that a food safety management plan was drawn up after the visits and said there had been a high level of co-operation, including the steps to resolve the problems.

In mitigation for Casamou Ltd, lawyer Mr Smith described the incident as “very unfortunate” and said Edmunds had received a clean bill of health from a pest control company on the very same day of the visit.

He also said the complaint had been made anonymously and that the venue had been closed in the two days before the visit.

He said in those two days no cooking had taken place and any out of date food would have been checked and disposed of.

He added: “The visit took place on a Tuesday. The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday and a member of staff should have attended work to carry out cleaning duties.

“There was a system in place, but the system failed because the member of staff did not attend work. The company co-operated fully with the local authority and subsequently received a five-star rating, which is still in place.”


Poundstretcher in Belfast shopping center fined £1,800 over dead mice

Dead mice, rodent droppings and poor food safety conditions have led to a pound shop being fined a total of £1,800.

dedadmiceeeeeeeeeePoundstretcher, which owns an outlet at Connswater Shopping Centre in east Befast, was also ordered to pay court costs of £75 for three food hygiene offences.

Environmental health staff found fresh mice droppings, a strong smell of urine and two dead mice during a routine inspection on February 14 last year.

Food stuffs were not protected from risk of contamination and procedures critical to food safety were found to be inadequate.

A notice was served to prohibit the use of storage areas in the shop, but was lifted on March 11 after three consecutive days of no pest activity and all pest proofing work completed. The conditions have now been improved to Belfast City Council’s satisfaction.

Even further than a step behind: 20 sick from Salmonella linked to feeder mice in Canada

On May 20, 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported 37 people were sick with the same strain of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to contact with frozen feeder rodents used to feed pet reptiles.

almost.famous.uncool.jpgOn June 2, 2014, the Public Health Agency of Canada announced 20 people were sick with the same strain of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to contact with frozen feeder rodents used to feed pet reptiles.

Mouse infestation closes birthplace of the cronut

New York City residents and tourists are apparently not alone in their love of Cronuts, those croissant-and-doughnut hybrids that have people lined up for blocks before dawn outside a SoHo bakery.

Online video showing a mouse running around in the Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street, which shot to fame after its eponymous chef cronut21-300x300created the pastry, led health officials to temporarily shut the shop on Friday.

The closing was reported on Friday on the website Gothamist, which noted that the bakery had been open earlier in the day.

Inspectors from the city’s health department found a severe mouse infestation at the bakery requiring professional pest control, and the bakery cannot reopen until inspectors determine the problem has been fixed, an agency statement said.

NYC’s Crocodile Lounge shut down after inspectors find rats and mice

The Crocodile Lounge bar — known for offering free personal pizzas with each drink — was shut down by the Health Department this week after inspectors found rats, mice and other violations, according to online records.

Inspectors shuttered Crocodile Lounge at 325 E. 14th St. on Wednesday after issuing 51 violation points for food that was not protected from crocodile.lounge.nyccontamination, dirty wiping cloths, improper plumbing and conditions that attracted vermin, plus evidence of live rats and mice, records show.

Crocodile Lounge posted a note on its Facebook page saying it had closed because of a broken pipe.

UK takeaway “festooned” in mouse droppings shut down

The Chicken Spot restaurant in Battersea has been shut down by food safety inspectors because of a serious rodent infestation.

The council’s consumer protection spokesman said: “What the inspectors were confronted with at this takeaway was simply unacceptable.

“Its kitchen, food storage areas and food preparation areas were filthy and festooned in mouse droppings. It is difficult to think of anywhere that would have been more unsuitable chicken.spot.batterseato be preparing and cooking food.

“Anyone who owns or runs a food business in Wandsworth should be under no illusions about the sanctions they will face if they do not observe the very highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

“In this case, the owner’s sloppy and unacceptable practices have cost it a good deal of lost revenue and also caused significant damage to its reputation. Other food businesses should take careful note of these consequences.”