Who does that? Man poops on another man in Pennsylvania road rage episode, police say

Police say one man pooped on another man during a road rage episode in Pennsylvania.

Authorities say a New Tripoli man got into an argument with another man at about 8:45 a.m. Friday and defecated on the victim.

The altercation happened in Heidelberg Township, which is about 17 miles north of Allentown.

Police did not say what sparked the fight or how it escalated.

The suspect has been charged with harassment.

Everyone’s got a camera: Brisbane’s alleged poo jogger resigns from corporate role

Australia is a special place.

And there are more public bathrooms than I’ve seen anywhere else.

The man outed as Brisbane’s alleged poo jogger has resigned from his corporate role at a leading retirement village.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, was a senior manager at one of Australia’s leading retirement village operators.

As revealed by The Courier-Mail, Mr Macintosh was charged with public nuisance after allegedly defecating on a unit block pathway in Greenslopes while on his morning run.

The alleged deed was captured on camera by a fed-up resident.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh was charged with public nuisance after Greenslopes residents snapped off a shot of a jogger defecating on their pathway.

Mr Macintosh was a national quality manager with Aveo and a member of Brisbane City Council’s Inclusive Board.

Mr Macintosh faced Holland Park Magistrates Court this week before his charge was downgraded to an infringment notice, resulting in a $378 fine.

This morning Aveo confirmed Mr Macintosh — a former director of the Retirement Village Association of Australia — had now resigned from the company.

‘I’m covered in poo’ Transport Canada investigates feces falling from sky

CTV News reports Transport Canada is investigating two cases of cars in Kelowna, B.C. being struck with suspected human feces falling from the sky.

The first incident happened May 9 and covered Susan Allen’s car, with its sunroof open, both inside and out.

“I started crying (and) I’m like: ‘I’m covered in poo,’” Allen told CTV Vancouver on Thursday.

“(The) car was just inundated with poop. It was just falling from the sky. You could feel the drops hitting you. When I looked up there was nothing above but a plane flying.”

Three days later, a man found a similar mess on his car, which was parked in his driveway.

Transport Canada said it is investigating the alleged incidents.

“Transport Canada is collecting and reviewing information regarding the reported incidents of May 9 and May 12 and, as such, is not in a position to provide more details,” Daniel Savoie, spokesperson for Transport Canada, said in a statement.

The Kelowna International Airport said it has narrowed it down to one of three planes that were passing over that area at both times.

Febreze freshens up Alabama after ‘poop train’

Any hockey player knows the stench of equipment: Many of us carry around that stench with pride (although I’m not sure of the microbiological safety).

And when our partners or lab mates complain, we whip out the Febreze.

Magnify that problem.

How do you rid an entire town of the stench left by 200 poop-filled shipping containers? Apparently the answer is simple: you spray it with Febreze.

Carloads of the odor-eliminating products, produced by Procter & Gamble, were recently delivered to residents in Parrish, Alabama after a New York City “poop train” was hauled away on April 17. The disgusting cargo had been sitting in rail cars near Parrish for over two months while it waited to be transferred to a landfill 20 miles from the small town.

“At Febreze, we believe that no one should be immersed in stink and are confident that our lineup of odor-eliminating products could finally bring a breath of fresh air to the good people of Parrish,” Procter & Gamble’s Mandy Ciccarella said, via AL.com.

Many residents compared the overwhelming stink to trainloads of dead bodies. Some added that the smell was making them sick on a regular basis.

“The running joke was when the poop train came that we just needed to drop Febreze on top of the train,” a Parrish resident said in a video shared on social media by Febreze.

New York has been pushing its poop on other states after the federal government made it illegal for the city to dump waste in the ocean in 1988. The foul-smelling trains have been heading south after two landfills in Pennsylvania stopped accepting the sewage, according to CBS Sacramento.

Parrish officials have fought back against future “poop trains” entering their town by denying a business licence to the operator of Big Sky landfill. “The poop train brought the funk and Febreze came by to freshen us up,” one of the small town’s 960 residents added.

Ohio media type agrees to eat poop after NFL pick

The family was watching hockey this morning (do the time change, the game started at 5 a.m. here), and I was showing Sorenne pictures of her with her step-sister at a Washington Capitals game about 2010, and Amy and I concluded, neither of us had been to Pittsburgh, neither of us had been to Cleveland.

Yet Cleveland rocks.

This is how crazy Americans are about football (gridiron for the Australians): The Cleveland Browns were down to Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen and USC quarterback Sam Darnold according to nearly every report until the final week before the 2018 NFL Draft. There was no buzz surrounding UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen or Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

ESPN Cleveland’s Aaron Goldhammer was so certain that Mayfield would not be the choice that he said he would “eat poop” if it happened.

Following the official announcement of Mayfield’s addition, Goldhammer manned up and agreed to follow through with the proclamation via ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“I will eat the poop,” Goldhammer said.

Don’t eat poop.

And if you do, cook it.

Didn’t work out well: Florida parents offered $475,000 after being told their son would ‘poop out’ battery he swallowed

Brittany Wallman of the Sun Sentinel reports a Florida couple who were told their baby didn’t need a doctor and would “poop … out” a remote control battery he swallowed are poised to get a $475,000 settlement from the city of Lauderhill, after the battery corroded and damaged his throat.

The couple, Yandy Joseph and Matthew Asea, took the advice of Lauderhill emergency responders, they said in their lawsuit, and they didn’t immediately take their young son to a hospital. When his saliva interacted with the battery lodged in his esophagus, he suffered severe medical complications and was hospitalized for three months, the lawsuit says.

The $475,000 payout would be one of the largest personal injury settlements in city history, if it’s approved by city commissioners Monday, assistant city attorney Angel Petti Rosenberg, with the Hall & Rosenberg law firm, said. The city’s insurance carrier would pay it.

Joseph called 911 on March 30, 2016, because her son, described as a “baby” in the lawsuit, had swallowed the button battery from a remote control for a fan. When fire-rescue paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later, she showed them the battery from another device so they’d see what he had swallowed.

One of the emergency medical technicians picked up the boy, and said, “He looks good and will probably poop it out,” his mother recounted. She said the technician told her that “if we took him to the hospital, that’s what they’ll tell you.” They gave no other advice and then left.

Joseph inspected her baby’s next two bowel movements, but there was no sign of the battery. The next morning, he threw up, and she called poison control. They instructed her to take him to the hospital immediately.

At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, X-rays confirmed he had a button battery in his throat. By the time it was removed, tissue around the battery had died, and he required multiple surgeries and procedures over his three months in the hospital. He sustained permanent injuries because of the battery’s interaction with his saliva.

Joseph’s attorney said the family declined comment.


Parasites in poop fossils reveal the crappiness of ancient human hygiene

Sarah Sloat of Inverse reports you can learn a lot from poop. These days, scientists look at people’s feces to figure out their diets and what type of drugs they’re partying with. According to a study released Wednesday, ancient poop is just as revealing. In PLOS One, researchers report that they found a bunch of parasite eggs in feces piled up in ancient latrines, and that this fantastically gross endeavor has provided clues into the lifestyles of humans that lived thousands of years ago.

Ancient latrines found in Bahrain, Jordan, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Lithuania are the focus of the new paper, authored by a team of Danish and Dutch scientists. The samples of ancient waste range significantly in age, with the oldest, found in Bahrain, dating to 500 B.C. to the most recent, found in the Netherlands, dating to 1700 A.D. Microscopy techniques allowed them to pinpoint parasite eggs within the old poop, and DNA analysis of those parasites revealed not only what these humans ate but also the animals they interacted with and the parasites that plagued their stomachs.

“Using a novel approach of applying shotgun sequencing on ancient parasite eggs that have been purified by filtering, we have obtained a new and much more detailed insight into parasitic infections of human populations of the past,” the authors write.

When parasitic worms infect an animal, they lay eggs in the intestine, which are then later plopped out when that animal defecates. The scientists had at first reasoned that there were several ways the eggs could have gotten into the poop: They might have been spread from human to human, passed to humans from animal hosts, or introduced through the consumption of already infected animals.

The team’s analysis showed that most of the parasite DNA came from parasites that spread from human to human. The second most common parasite came from a species that’s spread when people eat raw or undercooked fish and pork.

Via shotgun sequencing, the scientists reconstructed the mitochondrial genomes of some of the parasites. Doing this revealed the species of parasites lurking in the ancient poop, which included the giant roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides) and human whipworm (Trichruis trichiura). While humans, especially those in Europe, were commonly infected with intestinal worms until the last century, today roundworm and whipworm are fortunately only highly prevalent in countries with low levels of sanitation, insufficient water refinement, and animals that live close to humans.

Their analysis also turned up parasites known to infect sheep, horses, dogs, pigs, and rodents, indicating that the humans who used these latrines lived in close proximity to those animals, with their feces ending up in the same dump. Some poop samples really let the researchers dig into the details of the lives of their makers: For example, feces harvested from the Danish samples, dated from 1018 to 1400 A.D., hints that those ancient people dined on fin whales, roe deer, and hares. Meanwhile, plant DNA found in the feces from North European latrines dated to the same period shows that the veggies of choice were cabbages and buckwheat.

Where will it end up? Poop train rolling again

Valarie Bauerlein of The Wall Street Journal writes that about 200 shipping containers of rotting sewage from New York City have been removed from a rural Alabama town, putting an end to three months of legal challenges, the mayor there said Thursday.

The waste had been sitting on train tracks adjacent to the small town of Parrish, stalled on the way to the nearby privately owned Big Sky Landfill. Parrish Mayor Heather Hall said the waste was taken by Big Sky to its landfill gradually over the past two weeks, with the last containers removed this week.

Ms. Hall said she was grateful the company was finally able to haul them all away and hopes no more take their place. “Alabama is a beautiful state,” she said. “We’d like to keep it that way.”

Big Sky didn’t respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection said the city had “no plans at the current time” to resume sending biosolids to Alabama.

New York City has multiple contracts for shipping biosolids to landfills in states including Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania as well as upstate New York. The city has set a goal of eliminating landfill disposal by 2030, perhaps by converting biosolids into energy or compost.

The thing that wouldn’t leave from topo morto on Vimeo.

Poop makeup in California

Never got the make-up thing: My partners always looked great without it.

CBS Sacramento reports, buyers beware! Sometimes when you spot a good makeup deal, it’s too good to be true.

The Los Angeles Police Department says it confiscated counterfeit makeup that tested positive for high levels of bacteria and animal waste.

The department seized $700,000 worth of bootleg cosmetics on Thursday after raiding 21 locations in Santee Alley, a Los Angeles fashion district, said LAPD Capt. Marc Reina.

“Those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the product they’re manufacturing in their garage or in their bathroom — wherever they’re manufacturing this stuff,” Detective Rick Ishitani told CNN affiliate KABC.

One of the brands being knocked off was Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics. Kim Kardashian West, Jenner’s sister, took to Twitter to respond to the raid:

“Counterfeit Kylie lip kits seized in LAPD raid test positive for feces. SO GROSS! Never buy counterfeit products!”

Other prominent makeup brands that were faked included Urban Decay, MAC and NARS.

The LAPD was tipped off by the brand-name companies, which received complaints from consumers who said they had rashes and bumps after using their products. The complainants had one thing in common: They bought the product in the Los Angeles fashion district.

The packaging of the bogus products looks like the real deal, but the prices are way too low.

It’s all about poop: Argument over dog feces leads to stabbing, three arrests in Connecticut

Further to the dog poop storyline, an argument over dog feces turned violent Saturday morning and led to the arrests of three Bridgeport men.

According to a shift end report from Bridgeport police, officers responded at about 8:30 a.m. to the 1100 block of Park Avenue for “a large fight.”

When they arrived, officers found two men and a dog with minor stab wounds.

According to the report, Kirk Brown got into an altercation with Christian Rodriguez when Rodriguez allowed his dog to go to the bathroom near Brown’s residence. At some point, officers reported a third man, Ryan Bray, who was friends with Rodriguez, also joined the fight.

During the altercation, police said Brown brandished a “small knife” and stabbed Rodriguez and Bray. The dog was also stabbed, police said.

All three men were taken into custody.