UK Food Safety Agency is now the sustainability agency; serve it piping hot

The U.K. Food Standards Agency has decided it is now the deciderer of sustainability. I’m not sure what that has to do with food safety, or the agency’s mission.

But, in addition to telling British consumers to cook their turkey until it is piping hot, FSA has now entered the sustainability word barf fest:”

“… the advice is being set more firmly in the wider sustainability context and consumers are now being asked to think about the choices they make when they choose which fish to eat.”

The Food Standards Agency is now encouraging consumers to:

try to choose fish that has been produced sustainably or responsibly managed
look for assurance scheme logos
be adventurous and eat a wider variety of fish species

The Agency worked with Defra, the Department of Health, the Scottish Government and other Government departments, responding to recommendations from stakeholders such as the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and the Sustainable Consumption Roundtable.???

That’s a lot of government salaries sitting around the table. And nothing to do with food safety.