Where did the poop nuts come from?

Sometimes, I write so fast I miss details.

While updating news on the E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in walnuts imported to Canada, I focused on the distributor, Amira Enterprises Inc. of St. Laurent, Quebec (that’s in Canada), and their website which stated they import specialty food products from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

What I glossed over was this statement: “The raw shelled walnuts are imported from the U.S.”

Where did the nuts originate within the U.S.? And where did the nuts get pooped on in the farm-to-fork system?

BTW, Amira, it would be courteous if you put some information on your own website about the walnuts you voluntarily recalled.

Sometimes the faster it gets
The less you need to know
But you gotta remember
The smarter it gets the further it’s going to go
When you blow at high dough

Tragically Hip, Canadian national anthem, 1989.