The (silly) Great Food Truck Race rolls into Manhattan

The Pitch reports that eight food trucks hit the road, and one rolls home with $100,000 in prize money. That’s the premise for the second season of the six-city, six-week show, The Great Food Truck Race, that is currently being filmed for the Food Network.

And the remaining trucks stopped in Manhattan (Kansas) over the weekend.

We wandered over to several of the trucks on Sunday and we’re  agog at the long lines – didn’t lots of people leave town after graduation Sunday?

I asked one of the camera dudes if this was the normal turnout and he said, “I’ve never seen lines this long. Guess in L.A. they’ve got 2,000 food trucks. Maybe it’s a novelty here.”

I wasn’t waiting in line with a two-year-old, or Sorenne, and couldn’t see much in the way of food safety because everything took place inside a truck. And most items seemed to be heavily cooked or fried.