E. coli outbreak in Michigan

Two children and one adult in the Maple Rapids area of Michigan have become infected with E. coli bacteria.

This story from the Morning Sun is a little all over the place, but does report that two children have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome as a result of the infections and have been hospitalized.

“This strain of E.coli is very potent and troublesome,” said Dr. Robert Graham, medical director for the Mid-Michigan District Health Department. “We urge everyone to take precautions to prevent becoming infected by this germ. What’s troublesome is that these last three cases aren’t the only ones to have this particular strain of E. coli.

Graham said that during the summer, three other cases of the same strain were reported. Those people had attended the Clinton County Fair and that strain of E. coli came from a meat packing company called McNeese, located in the thumb.