Australian sprouts recalled because of E. coli contamination

SA Sprouts is recalling all of its sprouts varieties from Foodlands, IGAs and Fruit and vegetables stores in South Australia due to microbial contamination (E. coli). Customers can return the sprouts to the place of purchase for a full refund or throw them away.

No one is sick that anyone knows of.

The recalled varieties include:

SA Sprouts – Alfalfa & Varieties
Alfalfa & Onion 125 grams
Alfalfa Sprouts 125 grams
Green Alfalfa Sprouts 125 grams
Alfa & Chinese Cabbage 125 grams
Alfalfa & Radish 125 grams
Alfalfa & Mustard 125 grams
Alfalfa Sprouts 200 grams
Alfalfa Sprouts Fresh Organic Sprouts 125 grams
SA Sprouts – Other
Snow Pea Sprouts in 125g packs
Mung Bean Sprouts in 125g packs
Salad Mix in 175g pack

A table of international sprout-related outbreaks is available at