Successful produce marketing requires digital tools – and selling safety at retail

If you thought that the Internet and social media were passing fads and could be ignored as marketing tools, Dan’l Mackey Almy said think again.

market.natural“It’s main stay,” said the president and chief executive officer of Irving, Texas-based DMA Solutions. “What will change is Facebook will go through phases and Twitter will go through phases. What we have to do is figure out how to use those tools to reach those audiences.”

Mackenzie Michel, marketing manager, agreed.

“If marketing is important to your company…then digital marketing absolutely is an essential part of that,” she said.

Vicky Boyd of The Packer writes their comments came during the morning educational workshop, “Competitive Marketing in the Digital Workshop,” Aug. 17, at the PMA Fresh Summit.

But the choice isn’t either digital or more traditional media, which include television, radio and billboards, Almy said.

Instead, companies should choose from among all media to find the best mix to reach their audiences.

I’d add, sell safety at retail: because some producers and companies are better.