Cider again? 6 sick with crypto linked to Illinois fair

After attending the same event in Barry, Illinois, Oct. 17, Adams County Health Department says there’s been an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis disease in Pike County, Illinois.

pike.county.fall.color.driveAdams County Health Department Director of Clinical and Environmental Services Shay Drummond says the health department is helping Pike County Health Department investigate the parasitic illness that has infected six people.

County Health Department RN, BSN Jan Bleich says everyone infected had been at the Pike County Fall Color Drive. The source, she says, may have been apple cider.

Bleich says some of the people were hospitalized.

Drummond says the disease is caused by microscopic parasites called cryptosporidium, which is found in water, food, soil or on surfaces or dirty hands that have been contaminated with human or animal feces that are infected.

Cryptosporidium can be spread by swallowing contaminated water from swimming pools, fountains, lakes and rivers. The parasite can survive for long periods of time in chlorinated drinking and swimming pool water. It can also be spread by swallowing water, ice or drinks contaminated with poop from infected people or animals, or by eating undercooked food or drinking unpasteurized or raw apple cider or milk that is contaminated. People can also get it from touching their mouths with contaminated hands.