Satire becomes reality: Poop Like a Champion cereal

I miss Phil Hartman, another good Brantford, Ontario (that’s in Canada) boy who lived there until he was10-years-old, when his family moved to the U.S. His third wife shot him to death while he slept in 1998.

He had a satiric advertisement for a cereal called Colon Blow during his Saturday Night Live years (see below).

My Joy Online reports that Poop Like a Champion is an actual cereal that can allegedly get your bowels moving like nothing else.

Advertised as “the ultimate colon cleansing formula” or “the number one high fiber cereal for number 2’s,” Poop Like a Champion cereal is packed full of fibers and designed specifically to help you get those bowels moving.

Its creators aren’t ashamed to admit that it’s not the greatest tasting cereal money can buy, but it’s not meant to blow you away with its amazing flavor, it’s meant to help you go potty, and apparently, it’s very good at doing that.