Spot the mistake: How things went wrong for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver

I never was a disciple of the Jamie Oliver ministry, or any other celebrity chef that knows shit about food safety (which is most of them, see the abstract from our 2004 paper, below). Alexis Carey of The Courier Mail … Continue reading

Can TV cooks become food safety celebrities? or Have you spotted Doug Powell ranting?

"If you read Doug Powell’s FSnet e-mail news, you have probably spotted some of his rants against unsafe techniques demonstrated on television cooking shows."So says Gary Acuff, president of the International Association for Food Protection in his June 2008 column about the poor food safety practices of celebrity chefs

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Jamie Oliver too much food porn, not enough food safety

Celebrity chef-type Jamie Oliver – who was a stand-out in our 2004 paper, Spot the Mistake about celebrity chefs and food safety mistakes — may be trying to rid Los Angeles of chocolate milk, but health inspectors want him to pay more attention to crap in his U.K. restaurants.

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How cooking shows influence viewers’ hygiene practices

ozforex Speaking of cooking shows, researchers from Germany have concluded poor hygiene when handling food is a major cause of foodborne illness. To investigate whether hygiene practices visible in television cooking shows influence viewers’ kitchen hygiene, a study on the … Continue reading

Minimizing the risk of Campylobacter and Salmonella illnesses associated with chicken liver

Good luck with that. Most people undercook chicken liver because they follow food porn bullshit on cooking shows (yes, we did that research 15 years ago, see below FSIS is issuing this guideline to promote a reduction in pathogens in … Continue reading

PR before publication still a bad idea: Food safety on TV doesn’t go out of style

If you were deserted on a desert island, what would be the top 5 records/CDs/cassettes/8-tracks you would bring? Stones, Beggar’s Banquet Stones, Let it Bleed Tragically Hip, Up to Here Blue Rodeo, 5 Days in May Old and in the … Continue reading

Inevitability of reproduction – TV cooking show edition

In 2004, my laboratory reported (and by reported I mean published in a peer-reviewed journal) that, based on 60 hours of detailed viewing of television cooking shows, an unsafe food handling practice occurred about every four minutes, and that for … Continue reading

Saying the wrong thing, celebrity chefs more than others

In grade 12, I ran for high school president (we had grade 13 back then, and that’s me, right, exactly as shown). There were two assemblies, one for the juniors followed by one for the seniors, in which my opponent … Continue reading