Pest-infested, filthy eateries going years without inspections in Canberra

A pest-infested and filthy chicken shop is just one of several Canberra eateries found to pose a serious public health risk that have not been inspected in more than a year. Meanwhile, stretched resources are causing inspectors to audit Canberra … Continue reading

Australia still sucks at going public: Salmonella outbreak sickened 100 in March, shows up in annual report yesterday

In early March, 2017, more than 100 people reported becoming sick after dining at Ricardo’s Cafe in Canberra. The outbreak was briefly noted in media accounts – only because so many people took to facebook – and then disappeared from … Continue reading

Raw eggs are risky, but where are pasteurized eggs available in Australia: Criminal trial over Copa Brazilian restaurant Salmonella outbreak begins, 162 sickened at May 2013 brunch

In May, 2013, at least 162 people who went out for a Mother’s Day meal at the Copa Brazilian in Canberra, Australia, were sickened with Salmonella. The Copa was eventually closed and sold in 2014. But the court case is … Continue reading

From the Ministry of Doublespeak: Canberra eateries score worst hygiene result after government ditches food ratings

More Canberra eateries than ever failed hygiene checks in the same year the ACT government ditched its proposal for “scores on doors” restaurant safety ratings. Markus Mannheim of The Canberra Times writes that in the past year, three in every … Continue reading

Almost 300 sickened: Brisbane Convention Centre food poisoning caused by Salmonella on stick blender

Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day, the (horse) race that stops a nation. It’s like the Kentucky Derby but nation-wide, and the hats are more outrageous. The news has focused on fashion tips for Derby Day, but they should instead focus … Continue reading