319 sick; Norway Christmas party E. coli outbreak declared over

I’m not sure how a foodborne disease outbreak linked to a Christmas party can be declared over before Christmas, but that’s what Norwegian health types have done after 319 people were struck with tourist diarrhea or enterotoxigenic Eschericia coli (ETEC) at a Ringerike, Norway hotel.

The gastrointestinal outbreak happened after guests ate a Christmas buffet Klækken Hotels Hønefoss.e.coliat Klækken Hotels Hønefoss during the period of Dec. 4-9.

Six people were reported as requiring hospitalization for their illness. Guests had mainly diarrhea and abdominal pain, some had vomiting and fever.

The source of the outbreak has not been ascertained.

Preliminary results of surveys made ​​among the guests at the hotel during the relevant period, may indicate that the source of infection is the cold food from the buffet. FSA continues to work on mapping and analysis of these foods .

The Folkehelsinstituttet says since there have been no reports of illness after Dec. 9, the outbreak is over.