4 cases of E. coli in visitors to Wash. petting zoo

The Snohomish Health District confirms four suspected cases of E. coli found in people who visited the Animal Petting Farm at Forest Park in Everett, Wash.

Two adults and two children reported symptoms after visiting the farm on opening day June 4th. One of the children was hospitalized for three days but is now recovering.

It is believed that the suspected E. coli poisoning originated with the animals who naturally carry bacteria. The Health district believes the infected people did not properly wash their hands.

The city bleached the entire farm and enhanced fences around the animal cages to further limit contact between children and animals. No animals are in quarantine.

Proper handwashing requires access to proper tools. Were sinks with running water, soap and paper towels available near the animals, as is now being recommended, or was it just some sort of wipe that was available.

An updated table of international petting zoo outbreaks is available at http://bites.ksu.edu/petting-zoos-outbreaks