Vermin violations

Restaurants and food venues at the California Angels baseball stadium have been cited by county health officials 118 times in the last 2 1⁄2 years for "vermin violations."

The Orange County Register reports,

"On 33 occasions, health inspectors spotted rodents crawling through Angel Stadium restaurants or found rat droppings in food-handling areas such as kitchen countertops or meat cutting boards. The number of violations is significantly higher than those found at other stadiums such as Dodger Stadium or San Diego’s Petco Park.

"A stadium practice of leaving food on the ground for up to 12 hours after a game may contribute to the problem, experts say."

In response, Garry Anderson of Anaheim Hills wrote to say,

"Why are the mom and pop stores having their licenses suspended until the problems are resolved, while Angel Stadium concessions remain open after repeated warnings to correct the problem? The concessions feed the rats and ignore inspectors; they should be treated the same as the mom and pop stores – shut down until the problems are resolved."

Good point. Over to you, local health unit.