I’ll have a brown cow … hold the charcoal

The North Carolina Board of Agriculture will consider a proposal Friday to require raw, unpasteurized milk, legally sold in the state as "pet food" (as in Dr. Evil saying, "lasers") be labeled "not for human consumption" and dyed charcoal.

The story says that the dying requirement is aimed at discouraging people who buy "pet milk" but use it on the dinner table or in making cheese.

The story also notes that a bill in the same N.C. legislature sponsored by Sen. Kay Hagan would allow consumers to enter into contractual arrangements with farmers known as "cow shares" to get raw milk.

Hagan, a Greensboro Democrat, was quoted as saying, "I can’t imagine the government intruding into someone’s refrigerator like this."

Unless it’s spinach or lettuce or tomatoes or anything else making people poop and barf, then Democrats are the first to say the government needs to get into the refrigerator.