“Losing is a disease, as infectious as syphilis”

That’s what the shrink said to the baseball team mired in a losing streak in the movie, The Natural. Reminds me of the way China keeps stumbling through media 101 as Mattel announced a third global recall of Chinese-made toys.

Reuters is reporting this morning that China’s new Health Minister Chen Zhu said that hyping China’s food and product safety problem is a sickness in itself, adding,

"I must remind some friends that we are certainly extremely sensitive towards this problem, but over-sensitivity caused by only seeing part of the picture, in medical terms, is called an allergy. I want to tell everyone that they can have confidence in the quality of Chinese products and food safety."

The story says that China’s government insists the problem is a limited one, that the huge majority of its exports are up to standard and that the Western media in particular has been irresponsible in its reporting on the issue, intentionally fanning the flames.