Recipe for success: Talking food safety in Illinois

Continuing to expose iFSN’s hard work and dedication to developing a culture of food safety, I’m seated in a hotel conference room in Champaign, IL for the second day of the 8th Annual Food Safety Symposium sponsored by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Yesterday I spoke to an audience of about 300 government and industry types about: Pushing the Boundaries: Influencing a Culture of Food Safety. The response to some of the stuff that our group is saying (Don’t Eat Poop) and doing (delivering eccentric messages, using new technology portals and online social networks) drew an impressive response from the crowd.

From a fan e-mail:

I am attending a Food Safety Symposium here in Champaign, Illinois … I teach food safety for a Burger KIng Franchise here in Illinois, and cannot wait to add some of your stuff to my classes. I work with so many young people, and iFSN’s approach to situations made them down to earth and real. Thanks for the great ideas. I’m a Grandma … so I really need to stay attached to you guys to keep my classes fresh and UTD. LOVED IT!