Moths on the barbie

Millions of bogong moths have been blown off-course during there yearly migration and ended up in Sydney and Canberra, Australia.  Reuters reports that years ago, Aborigines took advantage of the abundant source of fat and protein, and Australian restaurants have decided to do the same today.

"They are lovely," French-born chef Jean-Paul Bruneteauhe (pictured at right) told the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this week. "They have a nutty, crisp, popcorn flavour, like buttered hazelnut." Mr. Bruneteau recommended pulling off the furry wings then roasting the bodies for three minutes in a dash of canola oil.

Australian Museum naturalist Martyn Robinson supports their consumption as well, but warns against the possibility of pesticide residue. "I’d probably recommend only 10 a day," said Mr. Robinson, "But 10 is plenty."

Plenty, indeed.