Restaurant inspection — by Larry the Cable Guy

Despite being universally panned by critics and avoided by moviegoers, I finally saw Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector while editing news the other night. Sure it’s terrible and deserves its #87 ranking in IMDb’s Bottom 100, but it has some food safety moments.

When Larry’s partner, Amy Butlin, asks,

"How did you become a health inspector? I mean working for the government, it sounds so exciting?"

Larry responds:

"Well, I gotta tell ya, Keepin people from blowin’ chunks and crappin’ on themselves is pretty much all I’ve ever been good at. I mean, no one really knows the responsibility I carry around."

Favorite line? After ingesting some tainted food, Larry proclaims:

"My stomach ain’t felt this bad since I got the fish sticks out of the vending machine at the Phillips 66."