Man alleges he found condom in burger

The Rutland Herald is reporting that Van Miguel Hartless of Fair Haven, Vermont, said he was three bites into his Southwestern Whopper sandwich when he knew something was wrong.

"It had a sour taste and I felt something rubbery. I immediately spit it out and ran to the bathroom to vomit."

Hartless, 24, contends that what he bit into in his Burger King sandwich last summer was a condom — unwrapped and possibly used.

The incident last summer led him first to complain and then to file a lawsuit in Rutland Superior Court.

Hartless said his first inclination was to complain to the restaurant’s manager, who he said laughed off the incident.

"That’s the part that upsets me the most, is that he laughed about it."

About a week after he bought the hamburger, he said he received a letter of apology from Burger King he said was vague and ended with the optimistic phrase "Hope you come back and have a more pleasurable experience."