Meet iFSN: Chris Babcock

Two bananas relaxing on a riverbank suddenly hear someone calling to them. After a short time, they notice a pile of dung floating towards them. The dung shouts “Hey fellas! Come on in! The water’s nice!” One banana whispers to the other “Do you really believe that crap?”

My name is Chris Babcock, and I am a fifth-year financial services major at Kansas State University. I was told this joke while working in the produce section in a grocery store during high school. The moral that I extracted from the joke is that it’s important to have reliable information at the right time. Since the television is such a limited source of relevant information, I decided last year to stop wasting my time watching it, and cancelled my services. I realize now how much time I save reading news from the Internet.

 It’s no secret that the Internet is an incredible way to gain information. It amazes me how much new information I can learn from a few hours of researching for the International Food Safety Network. Our job is to filter relevant stories for the subscriber, so that he or she doesn’t have to. In minutes, one can read the most current news that we spend so much time finding. It’s truly money well spent to be knowledgeable about the latest developments in agriculture and food safety. Making a donation to our cause will help provide the funds necessary to keep the information chain rolling, and minimize the opportunity costs you incur trying to stay updated.

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