Stephanie Maurer, guest barfblogger: See monkey? No touchy!

On Sunday, December 2nd,  a woman was bitten in North Carolina when she reached out to touch a pet monkey, according to a story found at “In the blink of an eye the monkey attacked, biting her cheek just below her right eye.
‘It bit the top of my eyelid and it just kind of latched onto my cheek,’ she said.”

This just goes to show that you should always ask the owner of animal if it is OK to pet the animal before you touch it.  Also, it shows that people should leave their pet monkeys at home instead of taking them to a convenience store.

Stephanie is a soon to be graduate of Kansas State University, with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science, a minor in French, and a Certificate in Equine Studies.  She doesn’t poke strange animals.