As part of its annual cool ideas theme, the New York Times Magazine today included vegansexuality among its top-100 ideas.

Annie Potts, a researcher at the University of Canterbury and a director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies, found in a survey of 157 vegans and vegetarians (120 of them women) which included questions about "rejecting meat eaters as intimate partners" that some of the survey respondents volunteered their reluctance to kiss meat eaters.

A 49-year-old vegan woman from Auckland was quoted as saying,

"I couldn’t think of kissing lips that allow dead animal pieces to pass between them."

A 41-year-old Christchurch vegan woman said,

"Nonvegetarian bodies smell different to me. They are, after all, literally sustained through carcasses — the murdered flesh of others.”

A blog for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals noted that sleeping with only fellow vegans means forgoing the opportunity to turn carnivores into vegans by the most powerful recruiting tool available — sex.