Blame consumers — German style

Apparently it’s International Green Week in Berlin, described as an Exhibition for the Food Industry, Agriculture and Horticulture, from Jan. 18 — 27 (that seems longer than a week).

Food News reports that the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is presenting its work so consumers can find out more about the risks lurking in their kitchens.

The story says,

around 200,000 food infections are reported every year in Germany. Experts believe that the actual number is far higher since by no means everyone who is affected goes to see a doctor. Most of the infections with Salmonella, Campylobacter or other germs are not contracted in canteens or restaurants but in the home.

BfR President Professor Dr. Andreas Hensel said,

"Many consumers have never learned how to store and cook food properly in the home. By following simple rules it is possible to avoid unpleasant food infections."

Like Bill Marler wrote about the Chinese this morning, maybe the Germans are on to something as well.

I’ll stick with a farm-to-fork approach to food safety. There are outbreaks everywhere. Stop blaming consumers.

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