Meet iFSN: Andrew Reece

When I went to Canada in May 2005 I had no idea what I was getting into. I signed up for an exchange program between Kansas State University and the University of Guelph on a whim, and a month later I was in a town I had never heard of, and in an empty dorm where for the first 3 weeks the only other person I saw was the doorman.

I had never heard of the International Food Safety Network, but I was a junior in food science at the time so I thought I had a little background on food safety. Turns out I was just scratching the surface of this deep subject. After an amazing summer, I went back to Kansas State with expanded knowledge and a new interest.

I finished up my bachelors degree this past spring and am now working on my MSc at KSU. While working for iFSN I have successfully: increased my knowledge on food safety, found a path that differs from the normal food science route, furthered my education, and I have learned a lot of new skills — check out my videos.

However, the best thing about working for the iFSN is being able to create a food safety dialogue with those around me. Now when I go to a restaurant and am asked “How would you like your burger done?”, I can use the question as a conversation starter instead of getting a bloody piece of meat.

With your donations, college students will have more options for work and study, and you will be helping create a larger public discussion about food safety.