Meet iFSN: Danielle Dring

When I started with the International  Food Safety Network a few months ago, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I have actually only met one of my co-workers, Stephanie Maurer.

She helped me get into to touch with Doug and the rest of the “Newsies” as I call them. I work for the Food Safety Network out of Omaha. And my educational background is actually in French. So to be honest this has been more than a just a job; for me the research for the Food Safety Network has helped me learn a lot about food safety.

I have previously worked in the food service industry; and I can tell you that you really should know what you are eating when you choose to eat out. I have also decided to help out more in the kitchen at home; this is coming from the self-proclaimed “kitchen-illiterate” chef. You, and your contributions to the Food Safety Network, can help me reach more people and help them to learn as much as I have learned, ending “kitchen-illiteracy” with everyone who reads our blogs and listservs.