Meet iFSN: Stephanie Maurer

Hey y’all!

My name’s Steph, and I am a newbie graduate from Kansas State with a bachelor’s in Animal Science, a minor in French, and a certificate in Equine studies.

Currently, I am working for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and  iFSN.  Luckily for me, Doug is kind enough to keep me on part-time so I can stay connected online and watch my TV shows ;).

I didn’t realize how important food safety is, until I began pulling news for iFSN at the beginning of last year.  Now, I try my best to keep my mother out of the kitchen, and thanks to that, I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without barfing.

Through donations and other helpful contributions to the network we can help the world realize the importance of food safety like I did, and save them from barfing as well.