Outbreak of salmonella leads to recall of ahi

Choyce Products of Hawaii voluntarily recalled 11,000 pounds of previously frozen yellowfin tuna yesterday that tested positive for salmonella.

The Hawaii Star-Bulletin reports that the state Department of Health has been investigating an outbreak of a rare strain of salmonella, Paratyphi B, confirmed in 33 cases since October but seen in only three cases last month.

The Health Department believes the illnesses are related to previously frozen ahi which was imported to Hawaii and eaten raw.

It is not yet clear if the salmonella strain found at Choyce’s is the Paratyphi B strain.

Edmund Choy, owner of Choyce Products, said,

"Our main concern is safety. We immediately issued a voluntary recall on that shipment and confirmed that our customers do not have any ahi from that parcel in our inventory."

Choyce is one of about 40 seafood distributors on Oahu.