Toronto couple sue over botulism in carrot juice

The National Post reports that Susanna Chen and her common-law husband, Andy Valy of Toronto who nearly died from botulism after drinking tainted carrot juice in Sept. 2006, are launching a lawsuit against the California company that manufactures the beverage

Mr. Valy and Ms. Chen both fell into comas. It was weeks before Toronto Public Health realized the couple had been poisoned with botulism and issued a recall. Bolthouse Farm maintains that the tainted juice had not been properly refrigerated.

Michael Shannon, a lawyer representing the couple, said,

"They refrigerated the product, they just drank a toxic cocktail that they weren’t aware of.” 

Mr. Shannon refused to disclose the amount the couple is suing for, except to say they will be launching a suit in the United States for pain and suffering.

The story says that Bolthouse Farms did not immediately return calls. The juice was ordered off North American store shelves toward the end of September, 2006, after four cases of botulism in the United States were linked to the toxic carrot juice. In October, a Quebec resident was also stricken with botulism after drinking carrot juice.