Honduran president on safely preparing cantaloupe

The author of La Gringa’s Blogicito, whose motto is, Gardening and living in La Ceiba, Honduras; neither is easy for this American woman, writes the FDA Inspectors left Honduras on Friday with no word whatsoever as to the results of the tests at Agrolibano. According to La Prensa, the samples are being tested in the U.S. and the results will be given next week.

She also says that little has been heard from the Honduran delegation who went to the U.S. last week to demand proof of the tests and a retraction from the FDA either. She does say that she’s noticed more balanced reports from various agricultural and commercial experts saying that Honduras needs to vigilantly meet international quality and safety standards, but no admission that salmonella did exist in the melons.

While searching for the news video, I ran a across a parody of that scene on YouTube. If you speak Spanish, you may get a kick out of the video below, "Mel Melon con Salmonella." Even if you don’t, you may find it humorous.

This is what we advise to safely prepare cantaloupe. And if you want to see just how emotional this issue is, check out the vulgar comments on our youtube video.