‘Hand sanity’ at Kansas State

The Kansas State Collegian cited Mike Heideman, communication specialist for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, as saying that hand sanity is a good way to avoid some of the risks of getting sick.

Maybe hand sanitation.

The reporter called me and I gave her some stuff, but she eventually talked to food science MSc student and barfblogger Andrew Reece, who — fresh off his microwave cooking video — said students should pay attention to packaging labels and that using a microwave oven to cook food is not a proper substitute for a standard oven if that’s what a package calls for.

"Sometimes packaging can be really vague, and the food may seem fully cooked, but isn’t."

Additionally, students can visit foodsafety.ksu.edu and barfblog.ksu.edu for more information about food safety.

Way to plug the home team.

Joye Gordon, associate professor of journalism, said a common cause of foodborne illness locally is that students’ refrigerators are not kept cold enough, adding,

"They should keep the temperature 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Some pathogens thrive in cold temperatures."

Anyone want to comment on that?