Wanna learn how to cross contaminate? Watch the Today Show

Anyone see the Memorial Day edition of the Today Show? Amy and I are set up in an apartment in Montreal and the channel selection is limited, so it was on in the background.

Apparent BBQ guru John Willoughby (right) was on, preparing Grilled cowboy steak with barbecued leeks and wholegrain apricot mustard. The video is available for viewing at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/24828622#24828622.

Willoughby shows how simple it is to cross-contaminate — directly or indirectly —  and to remain completely unaware of the transfer of potentially dangerous microorganisms from raw meat to hands and tongs, and back to cooked meat and clean plates.

Cross-contamination is simple — and it happens everyday on TV, in food service and in the home. One approach may be to think like a microorganism — be the bug — and take steps to contain the bug, without going all Howard Hughes.