Obama needs more food safety specifics

Barack Obama is generating lots of interest in the U.S. Presidential process. Especially about whether he is too thin to be voted President by fat Americans.

I can’t even vote but, like Tom Hanks, share an interest in presidential history.

On Friday, Obama introduced the Improving Food-borne Illness Surveillance and Response Act of 2008, which would improve information sharing and collaboration between public and private agencies and other organizations to effectively address food safety challenges. …

“The Obama food safety legislation would strengthen and expand food-borne illness surveillance in order to better inform and evaluate efforts to prevent these illnesses. This bill would also enhance the identification and investigation of food-borne illness outbreaks, which would assist officials to respond appropriately. In anticipation of future challenges, this bill would require a survey of state health departments to determine critical needs as well as the development of strategic plans. …”

Sorry, I must have dozed off there.

Sure Obama is offering up more than McCain. But Obama is creating expectations. Hopefully they are not too unrealistic; he’s already fallen into the safest food in the world rhetoric.

And it’s spelled foodborne, not food-borne.

This sorta reminds me of Les Nessman advising station manager and local council candidate, Arthur Carlson, on how to answer tough questions during an episode of WKRP. Something like:

(Food safety) is an important issue for all Americans. I take this issue seriously and will be appointing a blue-ribbon fact-finding commission, to issue a position paper on (food safety) very soon.

And since there’s not much on youtube about WKRP, I’ll leave you with, The Dungarees versus the Suits.

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