Pink Floyd and Fargo Rock City: food service and music

PhD student Ben Chapman went and worked in a restaurant as part of his food safety research. He saw lots of things, but his most memorable description of kitchen work was that he had to listen to a lot of Pink Floyd.

There was some Tom Petty, and The Clash, but a lot of Pink Floyd. So it was with a nod and a lighter raised in the air to food service workers everywhere upon hearing the nears that founding Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright passed today.

But Pink Floyd doesn’t get much airplay in the Midwest. For a full accounting of why the Midwest is home to terrible hair metal, check out Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City, which Chapman loaned me a couple of years ago. And today, a barfblog reader e-mailed me to say,

“What I find most amusing about these Listeria posts is the album cover from the (very horrible and untalented) metal band.”
A few e-mails later, and she says,

“There is at least one metal band for every disease, especially those involving vomit, blood, decay, puss, gangreen or amptutation.

“I just found ascaris, a death metal band in denver.  i think this should be an ongoing theme – each post should have an accompanying death metal promotion."

But the best was when she linked me to a Strongbad post – Amy’s been a fan for years – about cliché metal bands. The comments section of is developing nicely.