UK chef dies after eating ‘super hot’ chili

Amy and I were in Kansas City and surrounding area last weekend. We’re working with some high school kids in Olathe, Kansas, which is geographically to Kansas City what Brampton is to Toronto, except a lot nicer.

Sunday we had some time, checked out the big city baby stores for the impending birth, and I found out everything I knew 20 years ago was completely irrelevant, so we went to dinner.

The meal came with a hot pepper on the side of my fish and veggies. Having flipped through some food porn – is there a better way to watch than fast-forwarding – I thought I heard that the hot part was in the seeds and stems, and if trimmed away, the hotness would be more manageable.

I was wrong.

So was Andrew Lee, 33, who challenged his girlfriend’s brother to a contest on September 19 to see who could make and eat the hottest sauce.

He died

The forklift driver from Edlington, West Yorkshire in England, made a tomato sauce with red chillies grown by his father, but after eating it suffered intense discomfort and itching.

Mr Lee went to bed and asked his girlfriend, Samantha Bailey, to scratch his back until he fell asleep.

When she woke in the morning he was dead, possibly after suffering a heart attack, The Guardian said.