Course announcement: Food Safety Reporting

Food safety reporting will provide students the opportunity to develop news, feature and opinion stories for a variety of media, as well as blog posts and video. Students will receive extensive feedback from several instructors and will have the opportunity to interact with food reporters at national newspapers. Individual pieces will be published through a daily e-publication. Students will have at their availability Apple computers, digital cameras, a high-definition digital recorder, microphone and tripod.

This 3-credit hour course at Kansas State University is offered through the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, and listed as MC 690 Section C. Class meetings are scheduled for Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

The instructor:
Dr. Doug Powell is an associate professor of food safety in the department of diagnostic medicine/pathobiology at Kansas State University who has also worked as a journalist since 1987,when he was the editor-in-chief of the University of Guelph student newspaper, The Ontarian, in Canada. He has, and continues, to write for prominent newspapers in Canada, U.S. and Australia, including the N.Y. Times, the Globe and Mail and the National Post.

Graduate students may also take this class with the approval from Dr. Powell for 3 credit hours.