Botulism in Danish baby food?

Have you noticed a trend? Blog posts at 4 a.m., bad baby metaphors, bad writing cause my brains are mush?

Must be a baby in the house.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) writes on their website that there are suspicions that Hipp’s fruit purée with banana and apricot may contain Colstridium Botulinum, following an outbreak of illness in Denmark.

They are now recommending that all parents who have bought jars marked L35655, with a use-by date of 31.12.08 should throw them away.

The Danish Food Safety Authority has sent the fruit purée for test ananlysis, and a final confirmation as to whether the food is poisonous will come at the end of the week.

A quick trip to the Hipp Organic Baby Food web site finds lots of what isn’t in Hipp baby food like melamine or Irish pork, but no mention of botulism.