Snow day in Raleigh; be cautious if eating peanut butter

I made it through Snowmageddon in Ontario back in December, and now we are living our second Snowmageddon in Raleigh. Pretty much everything is shut down. Local news stations have been showing cars sliding into the ditch and around corners all morning and there was a reported run on the staples at the grocery stores: milk, bread and eggs. 

And there’s about two inches of snow on the ground.

The snow has an unexpected benefit for me — I’ve got the U.S. Presidential inauguration in HD on CNN in the background. Dani was watching the crawl on the bottom of the screen when the following Salmonella-related message came up: "consumers urged to use caution eating peanut butter".  Wow. I guess that means chew it, or eat it slow.

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About Ben Chapman

Dr. Ben Chapman is a professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University. As a teenager, a Saturday afternoon viewing of the classic cable movie, Outbreak, sparked his interest in pathogens and public health. With the goal of less foodborne illness, his group designs, implements, and evaluates food safety strategies, messages, and media from farm-to-fork. Through reality-based research, Chapman investigates behaviors and creates interventions aimed at amateur and professional food handlers, managers, and organizational decision-makers; the gate keepers of safe food. Ben co-hosts a biweekly podcast called Food Safety Talk and tries to further engage folks online through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and, maybe not surprisingly, Pinterest. Follow on Twitter @benjaminchapman.