What does Obama eat?

In a fantastic combination of celebrity and food porn, the Globe and Mail reports on U.S. President-elect Obama’s favorite foods — sort of.

There was a lot of guessing that went into this hard-hitting investigative journalism:

Early last year, when the Obamas said pizza from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Chicago was their favourite, co-owner Patti Harris-Tubbs says people called her up to say, "I’ll have whatever Obama likes." But Ms. Harris-Tubbs isn’t sure which pie that is.

"Our most popular is cheese and sausage," she tells them. "I guess I would have to go with that."

Eddie Gehman Kohan, the Los Angeles freelance writer behind the Obama Foodorama blog, says she doesn’t know, either.

She points to a New York Times interview with Reggie Love, Mr. Obama’s right-hand man, who was quoted as saying the boss’s favourite foods are Dentyne Ice, Nicorette, pistachios and MET-Rx chocolate-roasted peanut protein bars.

"Part of the fascination with food is trying to pinpoint who is he? How can we define him, how can we understand him?" Ms. Gehman Kohan says.

One thing the food paparazzi does know is that Obama likes his hot sauce. Ms. Gehman Kohan was cited as saying, "He puts it on everything, he carries a bottle with him.He’s shown he can handle the heat. At least so far."

Here’s a nice clip of food critic Barack from a 2001 local TV food show in Chicago. 

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