Poop in prison

I can’t imagine prison is the ideal place to get sick, what with the lack of privacy when it comes to toilet facilities. I’ve experienced the wrath of norovirus, and it involves sitting on a toilet with your head in a garbage can for several hours. I consider myself at least fortunate to have had it happen in the privacy of my own bathroom, and not a shared dorm or prison cell.
Inmates at an Idaho prison were not so fortunate, reports The Olympian.

An outbreak of norovirus at the Idaho State Correctional Institution has prompted state officials to keep visitors and volunteers away from the facility.Central Health District officials say four inmates have confirmed cases of the highly contagious disease and at least three more cases are suspected.

In a separate story, Australian prisoners have been on a hunger strike after claiming fellow prisoners put poop in their lunch. From the WAtoday story,

 The general manager of a Sunshine Coast prison has personally guaranteed the safety of prison meals after inmates went on a hunger strike amid claims their food was being laced with human faeces. Inmates were placed into lockdown after refusing to eat anything other than bread and milk following complaints about a tainted Sunday lunch served to them by other prisoners working in the facility’s kitchen on February 22…

Norovirus is common in confined living spaces, like prisons or dorms, as it is easily transmitted by exposure to poop, vomit or blood. Symptoms usually persist for 48 to 72 hours, and in extreme cases can lead to hospitalization from dehydration.

The best way to prevent the spread of norovirus is through proper handwashing, especially after using the washroom. And eating off of a toilet seat likely isn’t the best way to avoid the spread of illness.